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I'd Rather Have Roses

diamonds may last longer, but roses hold the greater mystery.

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Birthdate:Jan 16
Location:Texas, United States of America


Welcome to my profile, where you'll find out where I'm from, what I like, and in general, random things about my life.I was born in Indiana, joined the Air Force when I was 18, got out and I live in Texas now. Anything else, you can just ask me.
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akon, anything star trek (except ds9 or voyager), d&d, doom, eminem, fanfiction writing/reading, fiction, firefly, flogging molly, glee, harold and kumar, harry potter, horse racing, jumping on the trampoline, ludacris, magic: the gathering, marvel/dc anything, merlin (bbc), neon trees, nickelback, nora roberts books, novels of the change, percy jackson, pitch black, playing d&d, playing dragon age: origins, random chick flicks, reading, star trek tos, star trek: xi, terminator series, the beatles, the ranger's apprentice series, tos novels, white wolf, working with children, writing, x-men
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