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Friday, December 30th, 2011 02:25
title: What's Conventional?
author: Me
rating: NC-17
words: ~3850
pairing: Puckurt, Klaine (one-sided)
summary: Kurt gets fed up with Blaine's constant back and forth and vents to Puck, which leads to something he never expected.
a/n: this is my first entry for 'Puckurt Attempters Anonymous' as[personal profile] hoosierbitch has started to call it, and is an attempt to get her to write ALL THE PUCKURT. I am not to be held responsible for the contents or for any damage to your brains from reading it. Seriously. I'm not sure what I'm doing. Also, this is AU from around the middle of Original Songs (2x16) in that Blaine doesn't bare his heart and kiss Kurt.

Kurt wasn't sure why he was doing this. The boy currently pressing him down into the mattress wasn't who he wanted, not really. He wanted Blaine, but the older boy wasn't interested, and so he turned to this boy - no, man, who was doing sinful things to his neck, tugging none-too-gently at his designer vest. He arched, trying to make it easier, trying to get more heat, more connection. Noah Puckerman should have been the last man he turned to for this, but he was - stuck wasn't the word, since he was most definitely participating in the activities, but he was out of options.

"Hey, Princess, thought you were staying at Hogwarts this weekend," Puck said as Kurt walked into the house, dropping a small suitcase next to the door as he unwound the scarf from his neck. Kurt didn't dignify that with an answer beyond a rather elegant snort, passing the couch without words, heading for the kitchen. Puck wasn't quite surprised that his presence on the Hudmel couch on a Friday night wasn't surprising, since he spent most of his time there whenever Sarah was over at her friends' houses. This was the first time, though, that he watched Kurt as he walked past, noting the heavy weight seeming to press his shoulders down, the tired sway to his hips that wasn't normally there. Puck immediately ignored the stirrings of lust, just as he always had. Kurt was his boy, not a toy for him to play with and discard.

He got up and followed the smaller boy into the kitchen. "What's wrong? You're usually pretty happy coming back from the land of magical faeries

"Noah, I'm not sure what gave you the impression that we have faeries at Dalton, but please stop it. As for my mood, finals are coming up, and the workload's a lot more than McKinley." Kurt glanced away from him as he spoke, and Puck knew something was wrong beyond that.

"You're a genius, Hummel. You should have no trouble with it. What's really eating you? I know I'm not Auntie Tannie, but I'm pretty good at listening." As the words left his mouth he wondered why the hell he was offering. That wasn't really him, to have heart to hearts with his friends, no matter how good of friends they were.

"Just leave it, Puck," Kurt said, his voice approaching the temperature of the deep freezer out back, and Puck backed up, hands raised.

"Okay, just... I'll listen if you ever want to talk. I'll just go back into the living room. Let me know if you want to watch Project: Runway or Dancing with the Stars or whatever." He felt Kurt's eyes on his back as he went back into the living room, pulling up the guide on the tv to see what was on that night that Kurt would want to watch. Burt was out at a campaign thing with Carol and Finn had gone over to eat dinner at Rachel's, so he'd probably order Chinese or something later, so they wouldn't starve.

"Noah..." He jumped; Kurt was like a scary freak ninja in Doc Martens sometimes, and this was one of the best times. Kurt was standing at the edge of the couch, holding two glasses of something that looked like Mountain Dew, and Puck just nodded, lifting up the blanket he'd pulled from the back of the couch. He and Kurt did this sometimes, watched shows Puck would never admit to anyone else that he watched, just talking about anything and nothing, whatever they wanted. Kurt immediately slid into the opening, snuggling against him in his shirtsleeves. Puck fought with himself like he always did, suddenly surrounded by the clean scent that followed Kurt like a cloud, the mingled scents of his various skin products and his hairspray.

Kurt handed him his glass and just sighed, leaning against him. Puck wasn't quite sure how they'd gone from mortal enemies to good friends, but he had a feeling it had to do with the fact that he'd always harbored some kind of thing for the slighter boy. And he felt good when Kurt would confide in him, something not many people did. He sipped the soda, waiting for Kurt to start talking. It took half an episode of Design on a Dime before Kurt spoke again, his voice quiet and melancholy.

"I thought this would be the week. Pavarotti died on Tuesday, you know?"

"I'm sorry. He was a cute bird."

"He was also about twenty years old, or so Nick told me later, but it hit me hard, you know? And when I sang Blackbird, the way Blaine was looking at me, I thought 'maybe now he'll see me, maybe he'll take that last step.' But he didn't. And we're doing a duet for Regionals and I'm kind of freaking out because what if we make the Warblers lose? But he's so... He's cool as a cucumber about it, telling me not to worry, that it'll all work out. I don't get it. Why would he look at me like that, like I was a literal star, something too beautiful to comprehend, if he wasn't going to do anything?" Kurt's voice had changed to equal parts indignant and jaded, something that didn't work well with his features, but Puck didn't do anything but tighten his arm. Kurt wasn't done.

"I'm just... I'm so tired of waiting. He... I guess I should have known that he wouldn't do anything after our conversation before Valentine's Day, but I just had to hold out that hope... I mean, he's the first openly gay guy I've known, maybe there's something about that that made me think we could be something? He stood up to Karofsky for me, helped me stand up to him
myself, but I guess it wasn't anything more than helping out a friend in need. We're supposed to be Harry and Sally, and I guess he's playing his part to the hilt. I'm making a bad Meg Ryan right now."

"Okay... I have no idea what you're talking about with the Meg Ryan shit, I don't think I watched that one, but Blaine sounds like he's waffling, trying to stay in one place while wanting to go somewhere else. Have you actually talked to him about it since Valentine's? Unless he's like me and the rest of the guys and bad at conversations..."

"You're doing pretty good right now. I don't know how to bring it up short of kissing him on the mouth, and that won't go over very well, I think. I don't know how to kiss." For some reason, those words sent a fire through Puck, making him shiver, something he couldn't possibly hide from the boy pressed against his side. "Noah?"

"I... I could teach you... I mean, if you wanted to. As a learning experience..." He felt himself blushing, which was something he hadn't done since he lost his virginity to his first cougar at 15. "Stupid idea, forget I said anything." The blush was a hot burn across his cheeks, shame mixed with embarrassment and want, something he didn't want to admit to but couldn't hide anymor

"Noah... Are you offering seriously?" Kurt's voice was full of something approaching wonder, and Puck felt his blush ease a little, since Kurt hadn't shoved him away yet.

"I mean, I'm pretty good at it... but it's a stupid idea, so you can forget it. If you want to, I mean."

"Who'd have thought I'd spend a Friday night learning how to kiss from Noah Puckerman?" Kurt said quietly, almost as if he was talking to himself. Puck's blush slammed back full-force, but Kurt's arm tightened across his chest, holding him in place. "It's not a stupid idea at all... But are you sure you want to do it? I mean, I'm missing a couple of things that define what you like, and I'm pretty sure I've got something you don't want to worry about."

"You've got a nice ass," he found himself blurting, face heating up more. he was pretty sure he could cook a full-course meal on his face if he wanted to.

"Yeah? I didn't think you looked at me like that." Kurt sounded a little skeptical, and Puck couldn't blame him.

"I didn't used to... Not before that shit with Karofsky... I'm making you uncomfortable aren't I?"

"Seems I crushed on the wrong football player," Kurt mused, leaning against him again. Puck let himself relax a little; Kurt didn't look like he was about to go all bitch-face on him, so maybe everything would be okay. "Yes."


"Teach me. We both know why we're doing it. I want to learn how to kiss, and you want something to do on a Friday night. It's a win-win. Right?" Instead of answering, he tilted his face up and kissed him, deepening it almost instantly, earning a gasp from Kurt as they changed position, making it easier for both of them as Puck licked into his mouth. Kurt felt different than a girl, all angles where there should be curves, but his mouth was soft, almost shockingly so, inviting him in, letting him map out this new territory. Puck had to fight back the groan when his fingers found their way into short hair, tugging Kurt's head gently into an angle that let him kiss him deeper.

His inner voice was shouting that this was a mistake, that he didn't really want to kiss Kurt, that he was straight, that all it was was confusion because Kurt looked so much like a girl, but he ignored it, free hand sliding down a narrow back, back up to surprisingly broad shoulders that were definitely not feminine at all. His cock liked whatever was going on, too, pressing insistently against his zipper. He did groan then, a soft sound that was lost in the depth of Kurt's mouth, pulling Kurt closer, into his lap, bringing the smaller boy's equally insistent (and surprisingly large) reaction into direct contact, making both of them gasp.

Kurt broke the kiss with a gasp, eyes gone nearly black with the force of their actions. "Noah, are you sure--" Puck cut him off with another kiss, hand sliding down to his ass and tugging him closer. Kurt nearly fell into him with a groan, his own hands roaming. This was miles away from anything Puck had done before, the sounds and smells and the feelings something completely new, different in a way that made it better. He rocked his hips up, earning another groan from Kurt, and started kissing along his jaw, noting how much stronger it was than he'd thought, how much of Kurt's baby fat was gone, leaving him with an angular bone-structure that Puck wanted to explore.

"W-Wait," Kurt finally said, when the kissing had devolved into presses of open mouths to heated skin and mindless grinding. Puck fought to stop, knowing that Kurt wouldn't like it if he didn't listen. "Weren't you supposed to be teaching me how to kiss? Not that I'm not enjoying this, but..." His words were accompanied by a downward motion that made lights dance across Puck's vision.

"I can teach you later... We've got awhile, right?" He wasn't quite sure how he was making complete sentences, since Kurt hadn't stopped rocking his hips, making his vision spark and fade out a little. If he wasn't careful, he'd be coming in his pants, which had never happened to him when he was with someone else. Kurt's eyes widened, and the expression that came over his face puzzled Puck for a moment before he was taken over by disappointment as the slighter boy pulled away from him, getting to his feet.

"I'm not doing this on my father's couch. Come on." He let himself be pulled to his feet, slightly awed at the implied strength in those shoulders, and followed Kurt upstairs, unable to stop touching him. He'd stop to think and process later; this felt too good.

Kurt groaned as Puck got his vest and shirt open, kissing across his collarbones. Puck's mouth should be illegal, this felt way too good, and Kurt was pretty sure this was further than he'd ever thought about going before. He wasn't going to complain though, not while hands that were too big and too hot were sliding down his sides, pinning him neatly even as a pair of lips teased at his left nipple through the thin cotton of his undershirt. He arched, gasping, and felt those lips stretch into a smile even as the pressure became hotter and wetter, Noah's tongue sliding roughly over the fabric.

"F-Fuck, Noah, what the hell are you doing to me?"

"Making you feel good Princess," Noah replied, switching to the other nipple, hands sliding up under his undershirt, making him groan at the temperature, the slide of skin on skin. "Is it working?"

"Hell yes." If he could think clearly, he'd probably protest, push him away, but this felt way too good and it might be the only chance he got while in high school. He wanted to know what it felt like, and those pamphlets couldn't teach him everything. So he shut off the part of his brain that did rational thinking and just felt. It felt like Noah was everywhere, mouth and hands taking him apart, and he wanted to return the favor. So he flipped them neatly, pulling Noah's shirt off in one neat movement and shrugging out of his own, debating momentarily about removing his undershirt. The decision was taken from him when Noah's hands, which had never left their places underneath it, slid it up and over his head, tossing it somewhere across the room.

Kurt leaned down, kissing Noah as passionately as he could, feeling the muscles under his hands tense as he arched, a groan falling from his mouth as Kurt moved on down his neck. After a preliminary pass over his nipples that garnered little reaction, he moved on, sliding over firm abs and down to Noah's belt buckle. Noah jerked him up for another kiss, leaving him to blindly work his pants open, shoving them down as gently but as quickly as he could, palm pressing over the sizable bulge that had been partially hidden by the stiff denim.

He felt the bulge grow larger, and Noah moaned into his mouth, hips rocking up and trapping his hand between them. Kurt tore his mouth away, working down his neck with nipping kisses that elicited sounds he'd never heard before, fingers pressing blunted nails into his shoulders. He grinned as he continued down his chest, avoiding the nipples since they didn't seem all that sensitive, tracing the outline of muscles he'd only seen in passing. The skin under his mouth jumped as the muscles bunched and relaxed, cementing that this was what he wanted to do forever if he could. Noah's hands slid up into his hair, massaging his scalp almost gently, and he looked up, curious at the courtesy.

Noah's eyes, usually the color of lightly creamed coffee, were completely black as he panted out harsh breaths. "You sure you want to go down there Little One?" he asked roughly, and Kurt ran his hand over his cloth-covered cock in answer, returning to mapping out his six-pack, tasting the sweat and something that had to be just Noah, making the bigger man groan, head falling back. Kurt took his time, inching Noah's underwear down slowly, gasping as his hand closed around him. Noah's hips jerked, and he tightened his grip, licking over the tip curiously. The taste was bitter, but not entirely unpleasant, and Noah's reaction more than made up for any embarrassment or discomfort.

He laid his free arm across Noah's hips, licking from root to tip, inhaling the scent of sex and sweat, something far more heady than he'd thought it could be. Noah shook beneath him, cock jumping in his grip, and he licked over the tip again, slipping his tongue into the slit before sliding it around the crown, reveling in the groans that got him, along with more of that half-bitter fluid. He pulled back a little, sliding his hand up and down gently, watching Noah's face. Noah's eyes were closed now, his mouth wide open as he tried to catch his breath, and Kurt felt that he had a good thing going, that the older man was enjoying himself.

"... You got any lotion or lube or something?" Noah finally asked, eyes cracking open a little. Kurt reached over and pulled a half-empty bottle of lube from between the mattress and box-spring with an enquiring eyebrow, before realizing why Noah was asking. His hand couldn't be that pleasant dry, so he quickly spilled some into his palms, warming it before resuming his former actions, sitting back to watche Noah fall apart under his fingers. Before he realized it, he was talking, his voice lower than he'd ever done before.

"You like this? You like me jerking you off?" He almost stopped at his own words, amazed at himself, but Noah just groaned, fucking himself up into Kurt's fist, something that was hotter than it really had any right to be. He adjusted himself in his pants, biting his lip. "You do, don't you? You like the fact that you're falling apart in front of me, that I can give you this." He twisted his wrist and Noah's hips shot off the bed as he fisted the sheets, sweat standing out on his chest. "You do, you're getting off on this so much. You'll want to be quiet, I don't know how long we've been up here and I have no idea when Finn's coming home." He sped up his hand, reaching his free hand back to the spot behind Noah's balls that he knew was sensitive, pressing and rubbing lightly.

"St-Stop," Noah finally said, when Kurt felt his balls starting to draw up, wrapping fingers hard around himself at the base to keep himself from coming. "Want to see you, want to come with you." Kurt moaned, pulling his hands away and working on his pants with clumsy, slippery fingers, cursing under his breath as the button kept slipping out of his hands, but not out of the button-hole. "Let me." He let himself be pushed onto his back, and lifted his hips as Noah quickly opened his pants and pushed them and his underwear down, a thumb sliding over the leaking head of his dick. He dropped his head back with a whine as Noah cautiously brought it up to taste, wrinkling his nose a little.

"Not for you?" he asked in what he hoped was a teasing tone, though to him it just sounded breathless, thready and low, and he shivered to think that he was on his bed, with Noah Puckerman's hands on his cock. He realized belatedly that Noah was spreading lube along it, too focused on the feeling of hands not his own touching him. Noah kicked off his jeans, stripping Kurt the rest of the way before settling above him, kissing him again, both of them groaning as their erections met, sending sparks of sensation out to his toes and back to that hot place in his belly that had been slowly rising in temperature.

The lube on both of them made their contact slippery, but whenever their cocks met, those sparks fizzled through him, bringing him to wrap a leg around Noah's hip, tugging him into a pseudo-rhythm, making both of them groan louder, Noah burying his face in his neck as he sped up, thumb sliding over his nipple, making Kurt cry out, bucking against his weight, drawing more sounds and movement. The sparks were nearly constant, and he could feel himself getting closer.

"N-Noah, Noah, fuck, Noah, please, please," he chanted, not sure if he was speaking out loud. Noah let out a growl that went straight through him, making him arch harder, fighting for his release. The two of them were completely intertwined, cock-heads brushing with every thrust, until suddenly Noah cried out above him, shaking hard. The heat from his release sent Kurt tumbling over the edge as well, biting at the well-defined shoulder above his face, muffling his cry into dark skin.

When the world stopped being full of bright cascading lights and shuddering skin, he stayed there, letting Noah make the first move. Slowly, Noah pulled away, sliding onto his side next to him. Rough hands slid down his chest, strangely gentle, and he opened his eyes, looking up at him, wondering what he'd see.

"... That... I actually enjoyed that..." Noah's voice was rough, like he was holding back on something, and Kurt just listened, understanding that this was a big thing for the self-proclaimed badass. "But I still like boobs... I don't get it." Kurt winced a little, remembering his words to Blaine only a couple of weeks before, about bisexuality being an excuse for gay boys to be normal. He hadn't understood anything then, but maybe he knew a little more now.

"Maybe you like both. Sexuality's not set in stone, you know. People feel like this all the time." He hoped those were the right words, even as Noah's face shut down a little, losing the openness it had a few seconds before. "I don't think you should put a label on it, at least not yet. I'm the only boy you know that would let you do this, so how much do you really know?" It could just be me, his mind whispered, but he didn't dare say it, didn't dare voice the sudden fierce hope in his chest.

"... Hummel, how is it you always know what to say?" Noah finally said, eyes still shuttered, before he sat up, taking his comforting heat with him. As soon as it was gone, Kurt realized just how gross he felt, and wished those stupid pamphlets would have explained just how messy it all was. Noah must have noticed his discomfort, because he cracked a grin. "Pretty nasty isn't it? Sex is a dirty business, Princess." Kurt stuck his tongue out childishly, only to have Noah swoop in and kiss him again, sucking on it lightly. And oh, there was something in one of those things about 'refractory period' and how it was pretty short for teenagers, but this was ridiculous.

He moaned, daring to slide a hand up to cup Noah's jaw, tilting them so that he could explore for himself. Noah let him, playfully retreating, and he grinned into the kiss. At least he was learning from this, even if it never happened again. Noah finally pulled away, regret flashing in his eyes as he got up from the bed. "I'll go use Finn's shower. Meet up in the kitchen? I'll make us some sandwiches." Kurt watched him gather up his clothes, muscles sliding under skin, both smooth and scarred, feeling a little bereft, but at least Noah wasn't running away completely, which he counted as a partial win. Once Noah left the room he put his discarded uniform into his hamper and pulled out pajamas before going to take his shower. They would be talking later, he was sure.

Friday, December 30th, 2011 22:42 (UTC)
Ooooh, this is really good! I love the conversation on the couch, and the parts of making out that surprise them both, and how they're both such teenage boys the whole time. *squeezes their cheeks*

Awesome job! First meeting of the Puckurt Writers Anonymous is a success! :D