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bandearg_rois: (Default)
Thursday, July 14th, 2011 20:57
I can't go see it... I'm sad. I could have, but I didn't get my ticket in time, and besides, the husband has to be at work by 3 am and it's a 15 minute drive from our house, let alone from a movie theater... *pout*

Oh well, I'm going to see it this weekend, with or without him, since I'm a bitch like that. I might even see if I can see it tomorrow morning... with 3 theaters in a 30 minute radius, I should be fine, even though he can't go to one of them because he has a radius he has to stay in because of his school... I hate the military sometimes, really I do.
bandearg_rois: (b-day)
Monday, May 16th, 2011 23:22

Pictures and Terribly Large Writing Under Cut )

((and on a side note: OH TO BE 19 AGAIN!!!!))
bandearg_rois: (Sandwich)
Saturday, December 25th, 2010 02:23
Merry Christmas one and all... yeah, it's barely Christmas here, but that's the perk of being an adult; I got first look at what everyone got, including myself...

Santa brought me:

Vanilla cookie and brown sugar body spray
Mountain Dew flavored Lip Balm (original and Code red)
Black beanbag chair

And the star of my Christmas, and the sneakiest gift EVER:

AN AMAZON KINDLE. WITH AN ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Pictures will follow when I can figure out how the hell to get photos on here.

My sister is the sneakiest Santa ever...

The story: My brother-in-law's sister bought the kids things for Christmas. My sister maintained that she didn't know if the gifts would arrive in a timely manner, so she had ordered another Kindle for my niece. Well, wonder of wonders, her e-reader showed up on time and all. In our house, we open all our wrapped gifts on Christmas Eve: Christmas morning is for Santa.

So here my niece is, with her little Sony e-reader, and here's me biting my lip trying to figure out if I get the Sony or not. Because that was the deal: my niece would get the Kindle and I'd get whatever the aunt sent. Well I went out for a smoke about 20 minutes ago, and my sister made me close my eyes and look away so she could get my stuff in the house. Then she was like, 'It's Christmas, go for it.'

Color me surprised to see the Amazon box on top of my stuff next to my stocking, with the Skin sitting so prettily next to it. So of course, I had to put the skin on and plug it in, because I'm a techno-geek of the worst kind; I live on my laptop, and the Kindle just allowed me to take my life anywhere, since it's one of the new ones, with 3G internet connection. So when I go to work for my kiosk peoples, I can take the Kindle and still be on lj whilst not at home... which is pretty much a yay. The thing has a full keyboard, no color (not a problem, colors are bonuses I don't need lol) and it almost fits in the palm of my hand... well, my left hand, since that one's all stretched out from the instruments and such.


Okay really, night. I'm gonna go read porn and fall asleep mid-sentence...

Oh, and I will have a special post for my 'Frankenstein', this Fisher Price Imaginext boat that my little nephew is getting has gotten for one of his gifts.... Because Santa just deposits the boxes in our garage and we have to put everything together. I literally have a picture of myself behind this boat with a Dr. Horrible face and hands out. If it had audio it would be 'IT LI~IVES!' No joke.

before the kids try and wake me up... AGAIN, and it's only 2 something am, I'm going to turn my lights off and hide under the covers like a scared little kid. night night.